WhatsApp launches Disappearing Messages feature

There has been a discussion for quite some time that the instant messaging app WhatsApp is working on a new feature Disappearing Messages and it can be introduced soon. At the same time, the company has finally officially launched this feature, putting an end to all the discussions. It will be rolled out to all users by the end of this month. Disappearing Messages feature will automatically delete old messages and chats on your WhatsApp. That is, with the help of this feature, the messages of the users will disappear automatically.


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Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has shared information about the introduction of its new Disappearing Messages feature through Facebook’s official Twitter account. According to the information given on the company’s blog post, Disappearing Messages will automatically delete users’ old messages and chats after reading them.

Messages will be deleted within 7 days

The feature of the Disappearing Messages feature is that it automatically deletes the messages coming on your WhatsApp within 7 days. Explain that it works exactly like the features present on Gmail, Telegram and Snapchat. If you use these platforms, then you must be aware that the Disappearing feature is already present in them. 

Disappearing feature has to be activated

If you want to use this feature, then for this you have to go to your WhatsApp account and activate it. If you turn on the Disappearing Messages feature, your chat will automatically disappear within 7 days. If you do not want to make your chat disappear, you can also turn this feature off. This facility will be available on one to one chat. But in a group, this feature will be completely under the control of A Dumin.