Tips and Tricks: Don’t forget these mistakes on Twitter, otherwise your blue tick will be removed

Getting a blue tick checkmark on Twitter is not easy. The user has to go through a long process. The micro-blogging site Twitter held the request for blue tick checkmark for the last three years. But now the company is going to give blue tick checkmark again from the year 2021. But the company has changed the old process terms and conditions for this. Also, provision of blue tick checkmark has been added by Twitter. In this case, any mistake made on your behalf on Twitter can remove the blue tick. 

When can blue ticks be removed 

  • If you are not very active on Twitter, in this case the blue tick of your account can be removed. 
  • Blue ticks can be removed even if Twitter changes its userhood and bio. 
  • If you have tweeter verification for a post and it changes, the blue tick can still be removed. 
  • If you clicked on a link that increases followers, your blue tick can be removed. 
  • Posting nude, misleading and violent on Twitter can remove blue ticks. 

Twitter released draft

A draft of some of the terms and conditions has been released by Twitter. Also, it has been announced to restart the Twitter Verification program, which was discontinued in the year 2017. But Twitter is going to start the verification program for blue tick badges again from the year 2021. In such a situation, now people will be able to request for blue tick again.