Apple started producing AirPods Pro units

Reuters’ report doesn’t state which iPad or Mac models will be assembled in Vietnam, nor what proportion of Apple’s total production will shift out of China. But these wouldn’t be the first Apple products to be assembled in Vietnam — Apple started producing AirPods Pro units there earlier this year. Apple … Read more

Music streaming app Spotify stalled in many countries

Music streaming app Spotify has stalled in many countries including Europe. Users have not been able to listen to the songs of their choice for about an hour. At the same time, the company has tweeted that we have made many changes in our platform. Soon the app will start … Read more

Hidden secret features of Google Assistant,

Google Assistant is a software through which users can get information about anything by just giving a command. Many such features are also available on this platform, which has made Internet surfing very easy. But even now there are many users who are not aware of the feature of Google … Read more

WhatsApp launches Disappearing Messages feature

There has been a discussion for quite some time that the instant messaging app WhatsApp is working on a new feature Disappearing Messages and it can be introduced soon. At the same time, the company has finally officially launched this feature, putting an end to all the discussions. It will … Read more

Top 5 Most Important SEO Factors 2020

Google keeps updating its Search Algorithm from time to time and SEO Factors are always changing. There were a few more factors in 2018 of doing site optimization to get the top rank in Google, there is some more in 2019 and there will be more in 2020. In this … Read more

5 great benefits of starting your own blog

Blogging is one of the popular topics at the moment and it is becoming famous and developing every day. Today you can see different styles of blogging along with video blogging. You too can step into blogging and earn a name along with money by creating your own blog. You … Read more

How to become Famous Yourself on YouTube?

How to make yourself famous on YouTube? If you want to be famous on YouTube, then you have to change yourself and become the one that everyone waits for on YouTube, as well as your behaviour with your subscribers should be good. You may not be famous overnight but it … Read more

80% accounts are hacked with weak passwords, follow these methods to avoid

Usually people keep their backing or social media account password quite simple. Perhaps this is because they are easier to remember passwords. But by taking advantage of this, hackers can steal important information from your social media or empty your bank account. According to a report by research company Secure Link, about … Read more