Khatabook launches Pagarkhata app

Fintech startup Khatabook has introduced a new employee management platform named Pagarkhata. This app can be used for work like monthly / hourly salary, attendance / leave, salary slip, salary calculation, payment, etc.

Pagarkhata is the company’s third digital offer for India’s MSME segment. Earlier, the company has launched the first Khatabook and MyStore. Pagarkhata app is available in 13 Indian languages. The app is currently available for Android devices and will soon be released for iOS devices.
At its launch, Ravish Naresh, co-founder and CEO of Khatabook said, ‘Pagarkhata is a step towards our mission to digitally enable MSMEs in India. Staff management platforms are not a new concept for the digital world, but so far such platforms only cater to the needs of organized businesses and corporates. ‘ He further said that many other merchants like small grocery stores, salons, power shops also need digital solutions for their workforce management. Pagarkhata app is a digital solution to meet their needs.

Through the Pagarkhata app, business, managing and maintaining staff records, speeding up the payment cycle of individual staff, reducing dilemma, eliminating mistakes in salary calculations can be done.

The app has a user-friendly interface available in 13 languages. It aims to organise the MSME ecosystem by helping them digitally manage daily operations and.

Ravish Naresh, CEO, and Co-founder, Khatabook, said, “Pagarkhata is a step forward for us in our mission to digitally enable Bharat’s MSMEs. Employee management platforms are not a new concept for the digital world. But till now, such platforms only catered to the requirements of organised businesses and corporates.”

“Merchants like small Kirana stores, salons, electric shops, too need digital solutions to manage their workforce. Pagarkhata app is the digital solution for MSME’s workforce management requirements with the mobile-first approach and a simple user interface exclusively designed for the requirement of the segment,” Naresh added.