Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to review content policy after Trump’s post

These days, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has decided to change the content policy due to President Donald Trump’s constantly tweeting Controversial post on the Protest running in America.

Previously, Twitter has also labelled Donald Trump’s several post-colonial posts. The Facebook CEO has released a post to his employees in which Zuckerberg has clarified why he has not taken action on Donald Trump’s post “When the loot begins, the shooting begins”. He said in his post that because of this decision of mine, many people got angry, many were disappointed and sad last week. I want to thank you that despite being sad, you have taken positive steps on this incident, which is not easy.

Mark Zuckerberg further wrote that we are going to review potential options for dealing with content infringement or partial infringement aside from binary leave-it-up or take-it-down decisions. Let me tell you that thousands of Facebook employees had expressed their anger over Mark Zuckerberg’s not removing Trump’s tweet. One of these employees resigned and wrote that we repeatedly move the goal post and Trump keeps escalating it.

The Facebook CEO further wrote in his letter that we want to assure our employees that they are considering reviewing content that violates the rules or is in partial violation. Our current policy is that if the content is actually inciting violence, then the correct policy is to down the content so that people see it behind a flag.

There is no exception to this policy for politicians or newsworthiness. I think this policy is principled and justified, but I also respect a lot of people who think there might be better options, so I want to make sure that we listen to all those views. I started a meeting with the team yesterday and we will continue discussing it soon.

In addition, the Facebook CEO wrote in his post about the police officer’s involvement in the ongoing murder of George Floyd in the US, “We want to tell all our Black community members that I stand with you.

Your Life is important, the life of every black people is important. ” He further writes that we have so far worked to remove racial injustice in America and around the world, and we all have the responsibility and opportunity to change it. I believe that our platforms will play a positive role in this, but we have to work to ensure that our role is as positive as possible.