80% accounts are hacked with weak passwords, follow these methods to avoid

Usually people keep their backing or social media account password quite simple. Perhaps this is because they are easier to remember passwords. But by taking advantage of this, hackers can steal important information from your social media or empty your bank account. According to a report by research company Secure Link, about … Read more

Apple Developing Fitness App For IOS 14, Check Features

Apple gives off an impression of being taking a shot at another wellness application for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV that is intended to let clients download guided wellness related recordings that will walk them through different exercises. Symbols speaking to a portion of the activities that will be … Read more

Amazon will supply packaging free products in more than a hundred cities

Amazon launched a campaign for packaging-free shipping (PFS). The company has now expanded its scope to 100 cities. Meaning, now 100 cities of the country will supply such products from Amazon, whose packaging is less dangerous for the environment. In this campaign, more than 40% of the orders of customers from Amazon Fulfillment … Read more

Facebook is limiting the spread of pages, search results going down

Facebook is constraining the spread of pages and gatherings connected with “boogaloo,” a web slang term utilized in some far-right radical circles to allude to the possibility of an approaching second American Civil War. The boogaloo term has all the more as of late developed into a disconnected enemy of … Read more