America is getting a fierce competition from China’s ‘Baido’

China’s navigation system – Baido – is now posing a tremendous challenge to America’s GPS (Global Positioning System). According to a report published in The Financial Times Group’s website – Nikkai Asia, in two capitals of 165 countries, GPS is now being used more than GPS. This report is based on data collected from 195. These figures have been collected by the US satellite receiver company Trimble.

The Baido system signals from about 30 satellites in China. It is being used more especially in African countries. It is said that the services of Baido are getting faster and more accurately than GPS.

The report from Nikkai Asia cites several residents of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. According to him, the popularity of Baido has increased rapidly recently due to the precise service in this city. Apps supplying food at home are using it there now.

It is said that this gives the supplier the home address of the person ordering the food more correctly than the GPS. Experts say that China originally built the Baido system for military use. Hence a more accurate signal acquisition system was put in place.

According to the information included in several African cities in the report, there has been a tremendous improvement in smartphone positioning information due to the Baido. A Japanese man who runs a restaurant in Addis Ababa told Nikkai Asia that his restaurant continued to supply food to people’s homes even during the Corona epidemic due to Baido.

This African experience explains why American supremacy is now being challenged in terms of data. The US launched its first GPS satellite in 1978. While China started work on it in 1980 and was able to launch the Baido system completely in June this year. In just five months, this system has now become a challenge to American domination.

GPS systems were initially developed for military use in both countries. The objective was that the missiles should get the right guidance and to get an idea of ​​where the army of other countries is. China later announced the goal of being self-reliant in terms of navigation satellite systems. He did this after a 1996 incident. At that time, the US cut off the GPS system used by China in the Pacific.

Now the fight for data supremacy in the world is going on not just in space, but also on land and sea. Along with Baido, China is also trying to reach its 5G networks worldwide. In addition, he has laid cables under the sea, which is supported by systems links to space and earth systems.

The report of Nikkai Asia states that it has studied the activities of 34 Chinese government ships through the website MarineTraffic. This website monitors the movement of ships worldwide through an automatic identification system. The conclusion of this study is that it is possible that Chinese ships are collecting information for their army as well. Due to these capabilities of China, today its increasing strength has become a cause of apprehension across the world.