Amazon will supply packaging free products in more than a hundred cities

Amazon launched a campaign for packaging-free shipping (PFS). The company has now expanded its scope to 100 cities. Meaning, now 100 cities of the country will supply such products from Amazon, whose packaging is less dangerous for the environment. In this campaign, more than 40% of the orders of customers from Amazon Fulfillment Network are now sending without secondary packaging. Or reducing their packaging.

PFS is a permanent packaging solution in which customers’ orders are shipped in their original packaging. There is no additional packaging or very little packaging is done for this. Amazon launched PFS in 9 cities in India for the first time in June 2019 and now the company has expanded it to more than 100 cities in a year.

With PFS, many of the customer’s orders are completely secure during delivery and are sent to reused boxes. The PFS algorithm leverages technology and is applicable to orders based on standards such as customer location, distance to order, category of the ordered product. With Amazon’s extensive and rapidly growing selection, uses machine learning algorithms for packaging security.

It depends on the product and transport conditions. Products that are being shipped packaging-free include tech accessories, home and home improvement products, footwear, luggage and more. Liquid, fragile items and personal care products that require additional protection during transportation continue to be shipped with packaging.

Prakash Kumar Dutta, Director (Customer Fulfillment and Supply Chain) Amazon India Director Prakash Kumar Dutta said that at Amazon India we are working on creating innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that will help us reduce waste. We are working with several brands to provide e-commerce friendly packaging to reduce the use of secondary packaging.